Dr. Wen-Je Ko

Taipei Mayor

Wen-Je Ko is a Taiwanese surgeon and politician. Ko has served as mayor of Taipei since 2014. Before becoming the mayor, he was a doctor at the National Taiwan University Hospital. He was also a professor at National Taiwan University College of Medicine and specializes in trauma, intensive care, organ transplant, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), and artificial organs among others. Due to his profession, he has been nicknamed Ko P or KP (which stands for Professor Ko, and is how he is customarily referred to within National Taiwan University). Ko was responsible for standardizing organ transplant procedures in Taiwan, and was the first physician to bring ECMO to Taiwan. Apart from his practice, Ko is known for his numerous media appearances and interviews as a social and political commentator.

In 2014 Taipei Mayoral Election, Ko ran as an independent candidate. He beat Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Pasuya Yao in the unofficial primary, gaining support from the DPP and Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU). Ko won the election with 853,983 votes to become the first physician mayor of the city since the introduction of direct election of the office.

Heinrich Wang

Founder & Art Director of NewChi

Artist Heinrich Wang, after successfully innovating contemporary glass art in Chinese world, highly praised as “Father of Chinese modern glass art”, pushed forward glass art, culture, and industry development and flourishing successfully in Chinese world, he founds “NewChi” porcelain brand in 2003, with the mission to revival great Chinese porcelain craft. He except inherits beautiful, dignified, and elegant traditions of Chinese porcelain, the most important, he pours contemporary art and modern element into his porcelain art creation. Artist Heinrich Wang innovates a new style belonging to this era for great Chinese porcelain.

Spending 11 years on innovation, research, and development, based on “Not only the best, but also the only one.” highly self-expectations, artist Heinrich Wang breaks through the stereotype on utensil shapes which was lasted 1800 years since Eastern Han Dynasty, he innovates a new, epochal, and contemporary style for Chinese porcelain art after Qing Dynasty and Republic of China.

In 2013, Artist Heinrich Wang got the honor as one of 50 global Chinese creative leaders by official publication of the State Council of People’s Republic of China, along with world-known Chinese elites around the world including great architect Mr. Leoh Ming Pei and movie director Mr Ang Lee. And artist Heinrich Wang was praised as “The figure of Chinese porcelain renaissance.